Manchester City will not take ‘irresponsible risks’ with Jérémy Doku as they look to get their rising star back to full fitness.

That’s according to HLN, who provide insight into how Manchester City deal with injuries today and how that will affect Doku moving forwards.

The newspaper reports that Doku’s current injury ‘is not serious’ but the club are not willing to take any risks with the player moving forwards.

They explain that Manchester City believe ‘prevention is better than cure’ and that’s certainly the case with Doku, who has suffered with injury problems since his time at Stade Rennais.

Knows as ‘the winger of glass, spurt bomb with brittle muscles’ the youngster has missed more than 50 games due to persistent injury muscles in the last year and a half and spent 40% of his days in a rehabilitation room of some sort.

The player himself sought out former French sprint champion Marc Raquil to help solve the issue, learning how to perfect his running technique as well as tinkering with his diet, venturing into ice baths and visiting physiotherapists to develop his own warm-up routine.

As a result, he’s not been in hospital since the end of March, despite Manchester City having ‘turned him inside out’ during his medical tests in the middle of August.

They spotted nothing wrong with him but aren’t taking risks, a standard set at the club, where their head of nutrition Tom Parry is ‘constantly lurking’.

Their team is a ‘colorful mix of specialists’ with different cultural backgrounds from various sports comprising of doctors, physiotherapists, fitness trainers and nutrition specialists that covers every detail and provides that to Pep Guardiola and his team.

Thus, when Guardiola said this week he would speak to the doctors about Doku, he was not lying. He ‘constantly bombards’ the medical staff with questions, setting the bar high and demanding answers but refusing to force players.

He leaves that decision to the experts, and it will be the same with Doku, with Manchester City set to decide today if he features against Aston Villa or needs more time to recover.