Let’s cast your mind back to a different time, Manchester City fans, back when Fabián Ruiz was the talk of the town and everyone wanted him.

That’s in the past, since Napoli haven’t been playing all that well of late, but that doesn’t mean Pep Guardiola has forgotten about the Spanish midfielder.

This is according to Corriere dello Sport, who look at how the player has been faring of late and since his arrival in 2018, and how those who were interested then are still interested now.

It’s explained that Ruiz has managed to go fairly unnoticed amid a rather poor season for the club by their standards, but remains a key player under Gattuso in the south of Italy, where teams keep an eye on him.

The Italian newspaper make it very clear that the likes of Manchester City, Real Madrid and Barcelona have ‘never stopped following him’, knowing full well the potential he displayed when he was at Real Betis is still there to this day.

At 24 years of age, Ruiz has his entire career ahead of him, and with a summer promising to be busy for Napoli in the transfer market, this could be the one where he makes the switch to a bigger club if the offer is right.