As you’ll be more than aware, Manchester City have quite an extensive scouting network these days.

City have spent heavily over the last decade to ensure their scouts pick up players from all over the world, particularly when it comes to young talent.

The second a young player shows a flash of talent; Manchester City are usually there quick as a flash and planning for them to move to the Etihad.

There’s a long list of examples to prove this, and Nacional youngster Renzo Orihuela is the latest to add to the list according to El Observador.

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They report that City are keen on the young defender and have already opened negotiations about a move.

According to the newspaper, Manchester City have offered to buy 80% of the 18-year-old’s registration for a fee of $1.5m.

Negotiations are firmly underway between them and Nacional and, should they reach an agreement, he would stay with them for the next six months before leaving for England.

City’s interest is nothing new, with El Observador claiming that they have been following Orihuela for the last year.