Portuguese side Benfica are living a weird situation tonight. As they prepare to face Eintracht Frankfurt in the Europa League, one of the players they fear most still belongs to them.

That’s because Luka Jovic, who’s been excellent for the German side this season, has been loaned out until the end of the season.

With Eintracht confirming they will use the €12m buying option to get Jovic, the striker is considered long gone, but Benfica still feel they should have used him better.

It’s also unlikely that Jovic is staying at Eintracht for much longer, and newspaper O Jogo lists a few clubs who could be landing him in the summer.

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As they interview the scout who took the player to Germany, they also have a paragraph claiming that Chelsea, Manchester United, Real Madrid, Bayern and Manchester City are all in the race for the player.

Manchester City haven’t been linked to the player so much, although there have been claims of interest from Pep Guardiola’s side.

For a while it’s felt like the rumours are being pushed, and it could be that City’s name, and perhaps Manchester United’s too, is being used to hype the situation further.

Although the German, the Italian and the Spanish press have been pushing stories about Jovic’s future, the Portuguese press hasn’t been covering it much, so this is probably the first time we see this list in a local outlet.

O Jogo says Jovic is currently valued at €55m, although that’s just made by Transfermarkt. The 21-year-old has 24 goals and seven assists this season.