Pep Guardiola has received some rather heavy criticism from sections of the Spanish media over the past week.

The Manchester City manager has again been speaking up for politicians and activists who back Catalan independence. After the recent lengthy prison sentences handed out to people Guardiola considers as personal friends, it was inevitable he’d use his platform to bring attention to the situation.

Asking for outside help to get the opposing parties talking to each other, the Manchester City boss’ words have been heavily covered around the world, and some in Spain, on the other side of the argument, believe it’s giving an unfair view of their country.

Cope’s Paco Gonzalez is especially angry with Guardiola and spoke over the weekend about the comments the manager made on Friday.

Gonzalez is quoted as saying, sarcastically: “If he defends human rights as he said yesterday, he is a super hero, the great Pep Guardiola has always defended human rights. We saw him in Apartheid in South Africa in the 80s, also at the fall of the Berlin Wall.”

He then continued with some very strong words for the Manchester City man: “Stop insulting our country, defend independence, but don’t go spreading s*** about us, that’s what bothers us, that you make us believe that we are the Germans of Nazi Germany looking the other way when they are killing Jews.”

Paco Gonzalez clearly feels very strongly about the whole situation, just like Pep Guardiola.