After the recent claims saying Manchester City and Milan should battle for Grêmio forward Éverton, the Italian media comes up with more updates today.

Milan Live gathers the latest news from the saga to take a look at the situation, and provide the advantages and disadvantages which each club would have in the race for the player.

It’s claimed that the player’s agents would like the move to Italy, and have already spoken to club director Leonardo. The ‘first steps’ made by the club could make the difference.

Another advantage for Milan would be the player’s easiest path to get a starting place in the team, since there would be a much heavier competition in Pep Guardiola’s squad.

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But there’s a positive side for Manchester City, and that would be the player’s price. Milan Live says the Rossoneri would not get in an auction with the English side, while Grêmio will obviously sell for the best bid.

Milan have their own issues with the Financial Fair Play, and if Manchester City go big, they would find their hands tied.