Sergio Agüero can leave Manchester City on a free transfer next summer, so long as the club are not playing in Europe.

That’s according to TYC Sports, who claim the Argentine striker is one of three Argentina players who could end up in MLS next season.

Agüero is currently under contract at Manchester City until 2021, having signed a new one-year extension at the club in September last year.

That tied him to the Etihad until 2021, which would see him complete a decade in Manchester after his move from Atlético Madrid in 2011.

He remains a crucial part of Pep Guardiola’s side and is their second top goalscorer with 12 goals in all competitions this season.

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The Argentine has long held a desire to finish his career at his first club Independiente, and it seems that may be an option for him sooner rather than later.

According to TYC, as of June 2020, Agüero can leave Manchester City on a free transfer, so long as the club that wants to sign him ‘does not belong to European football’.

TYC do not explain whether European football means teams in Europe or teams in the Champions League/Europa League.

However, it is explained that Agüero is one of three Argentines that could end up in MLS, alongside Carlos Tevez and Javier Mascherano, so perhaps it means Europe as a whole.

That would make sense, after all, why would Manchester City give away a player like Agüero on a free to somewhere where he may come back and haunt them?

A move to America, or perhaps that return to Argentine, on the other hand, would leave City safe from repercussions.