This week, a couple of reliable outlets in Brazil have been reporting São Paulo’s wish to sign Liverpool midfielder Allan.

As the player’s loan spell at Fluminense has just expired, it’s very likely he’ll be moving from the Reds once again, either on a new loan or a permanent move.

São Paulo manager Fernando Diniz has now spoken to the local press, and since he managed Fluminense earlier this year, he’s been very close to Allan.

Speaking of the possible move, Diniz said (via Globo Esporte): “He’s a great player. I think São Paulo Paulo have to count on great players. He had a great season at Fluminense. I don’t know how these negotiations stand, but he’s a player who I really liked working with at Fluminense.”

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Allan’s contract with Liverpool expires in the next summer, so in case of a new loan, it’s very likely he’d sign an extension with the Reds first.

But the fact that he’s had a good season in Brazil could finally help the Premier League side to make a profit with his sale, since they’ve been loaning him consecutively for years now.