Brazilian Youtube channel Pilhado this week released two videos featuring interviews with Fluminense manager Marcão.

The coach used to be a midfielder for the Rio de Janeiro side at a time when he was the teammate of Thiago Silva, who ended up becoming a big friend.

So in the latest video released by the channel, Marcão talked a lot about the relationship he has with the Chelsea player, as they’re in constant communication.

The manager claimed he often speaks to the defender regarding Fluminense’s squad and tactics, since Silva is also a big fan of the club and watches all the games.

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The inevitable question was about Thiago Silva’s potential return to Fluminense, and Marcão made it clear that both the player and the club have this plan for the future.

“I think so. I’m sure the president will organise the club. And I’m sure that we’ll have the captain here with us. We’ll do everything to bring the captain. He wants it a lot.”

During the interview, Marcão didn’t mention Chelsea and talked about Thiago Silva’s time in France. So even though that was only released now, we suspect this may have been recorded months ago.

Still, Thiago Silva’s fondness for Fluminense seems huge, and they’re undoubtedly one of the candidates to land him once he decides to leave Chelsea.