After France’s match against Bulgaria, manager Didier Deschamps was asked by the media about Paul Pogba. In France there has been a lot of disappointment with Pogba’s performances for the national team, with it being felt his actual football hasn’t lived up to the hype. Deschamps explained that he wanted more from Pogba, for him to be involved in the game.

The Manchester United player did much better against the Netherlands on Monday night. In the away game, Pogba showed that he could step it up and was the decisive player in the match. Scoring the only goal of the game, Pogba was the match winner that the French media had called out for, and there’s subsequently been a lot of praise.

Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 08.17.29French newspaper L’Equipe have the Manchester United player on their Tuesday front page, and inside they ask Deschamps what he said to Pogba to extract a better performance. The France manager replied: “Honestly, I did not say anything him. Just four words before reaching the locker room: ‘I trust in you.'”

Pogba’s better performance for France can only be good for the player’s confidence, and therefore good for Manchester United. Being on the front page of L’Equipe for all the right reasons, and receiving praise throughout the French newspaper, has to be something of an ego boost.