As football continues to grow, fewer parts of it remain off-limits, and that now includes the dressing room.

Various documentaries are now showing us the inner workings of the dressing room, and that’s something we were treated to when Liverpool took on RB Salzburg in the Champions League recently.

A video released online showed manager Jesse Marsch talking to his team at half time at Anfield, with his side 3-0 down at the time.

They later fought back to 3-3 before losing 4-3, but many were impressed by what the Salzburg manager did in the video to motivate his players.

Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp was less than impressed by the whole affair, though, later telling reporters he would leave the club if they ever did released a video like Salzburg had.

Marsch has now responded to the criticism from the Liverpool boss and says that it’s different at every club, but for him and his team, the video is essential.

“We have this documentary. And usually, it will be released maybe four weeks later, and then the emotion is gone for the moment,” he told Sky Sport Austria.

“It’s for people to see what’s happening right now. It was not so pleasant for us all. But it is real. This is us.

“From the beginning, I’ve heard in Europe, and I’ve seen that the dressing room is closed and only for the team. Yes, that’s also true for me.

“It’s not always pleasant, but I think people appreciate that. Realistic situations of life and people are always interesting. And I think at this moment we have an interesting team with many good players and a good history.

“Klopp is in a very different situation than Red Bull Salzburg. The coach is an employee. And so I have to represent this club, and at this moment it’s a new story for Red Bull Salzburg.

“And I am here to help in this moment. But I’m not the owner; I’m not the sports director, I’m not the manager. I am the coach. My job is to help the club. And I think this documentary is an important moment for our club.”