With Tottenham Hotspur manager Antonio Conte being recently pointed out as one of the favourites to take charge of Paris Saint Germain next season, the Italian media had been quite excited with the possibility, giving big attention to the rumour.

Now a new candidate for the job makes the story even more exciting for the local press, as Thiago Motta is claimed to be the man of the moment at the French side.

It’s Calciomercato who today features a piece describing the situation, claiming that the former PSG midfielder now ‘threatens’ Tottenham’s Antonio Conte in the race for the job.

It’s said the French side are happy with the work Motta has been doing at Spezia, which, added to the seven seasons he played in Paris, now make him a serious candidate.

Antonio Conte has a contract with Tottenham until 2023, and it’s common to see the Italian media being not all that confident of his long-term stay at Spurs.

But with Motta now emerging as PSG’s favourite option, perhaps Spurs can now have a bit more hope that he’ll be staying for the next season, just like his contract says he will.