Tuttosport go all-in on Massimiliano Allegri to Manchester United on Wednesday.

It’s claimed the manager is ‘very close’ to the Premier League club and that talks have intensified. Subsequently, there’s a ‘concrete negotiation taking place’.

That relates to salary, and it’s reported the manager would earn more than the €7.5m a year he was receiving from Juventus.

Allegri himself is said to want things sorting out within a week or two, because he wants time to be able to turn around a struggling team. That’s the same as far as any Tottenham interest goes, although they don’t get the same attention as Manchester United.

Otherwise, the Italian would rather wait until the end of the season, whether that means Ole Gunnar Solskjaer continuing until the end of the current campaign, or a caretaker manager taking over until then.

It’s not the first time it’s been claimed Allegri would want to take over sooner rather than later, and whilst the rest of Tuttosport’s claims may be exaggerated, that one could be better sourced.