With FC Porto still getting over the sale of Luis Diaz to Liverpool, there are always a few stories in the local media about the winger’s arrival at the Premier League side.

Today, it’s newspaper A Bola who features an entire page with Luis Manuel Diaz, the player’s father, who commented on the great times they lived in Portugal.

Diaz’s dad admitted that it hurt the winger to have left in the middle of a season where they’d been fighting for the league title, but also made it clear how happy the 25-year-old is to have joined Liverpool.

Speaking of the debut at Anfield at the weekend, Luis Manuel Diaz highlighted the trust that Jurgen Klopp had in the player from the time he joined the Reds’ squad.

“Changes can bring with them advantages and disadvantages. He left FC Porto at a very high level but arrived concentrated and focused on doing his job,” Diaz’s father told A Bola.

“It’s important to have this strong confidence from the coach, the way he was received was important. There’s a group of people already around him concerned about his immediate progress. What I know best as a father is that he enters the pitch to give more than what he’s been doing and gives himself to the fullest.”

Diaz’s dad also gave big praise to the Premier League side. He confirmed that there had been a big competition for his signing, and Jurgen Klopp’s presence at Liverpool is what made the difference.

“He knows what he wants, he left FC Porto having a great season and he doesn’t see himself doing less at Liverpool. He knows that he’s in an elite team, a complete club that he has everything and many top players and high performance. He’s already shown that he’s at a level that will allow him to help the team.

“The impact was big, many people have been talking about him and his qualities. Several clubs tried to sign him, but he wanted Liverpool for what they play and for the manager. He sees in Klopp the same commitment and demand he had at FC Porto with Conceição. They are coaches who make the athlete grow with work, sacrifice and a lot of focus.”