Tottenham Hotspur’s prolonged search for a new manager has seen the club linked with an increasing list of names.

The Italian media have been all over the story and linked multiple options from the country, most notable of which has been the recent big Antonio Conte story.

Prior to that there were claims of contact with several others, including Maurizio Sarri. The former Chelsea boss had been expected to take the AS Roma job this summer, but saw himself beaten by Jose Mourinho.

Sarri has also been linked with Everton, although the claims about a move to Goodison Park haven’t been as big as the Tottenham ones.

Either way, Il Messaggero report there’s nothing in it. They say Sarri, waiting in Tuscany for news on the Lazio job, is absolutely insistent there’s been no ‘interference’ from either Everton or Tottenham, with it thought taking over at the Serie A club is his priority right now.

Offers from Russia and Turkey have already been rejected, however, the slant is there’s been absolutely nothing from Everton or Tottenham to even consider.