While TuttoMercatoWeb reckon Carlo Ancelotti could be close to signing a contract with Arsenal until 2021, Gazzetta dello Sport are putting the brakes on things a bit.

That’s not to say he won’t take the job, because he very well still might, but there’s nothing in the Italian newspaper suggesting he will be in charge at the Emirates by noon on Wednesday.

What Gazzetta do say, however, is that Ancelotti would ‘happily return to London’, where he enjoyed himself during his stint at Chelsea, and he hasn’t ‘hidden’ his admiration for the Premier League.

They do explain the option leading him to the Arsenal ‘could therefore materialise shortly’, but there’s also the possibility of him ‘waiting until next season’ to take a new job.

After all, Ancelotti was only sacked from the Napoli job on Tuesday night, so an appointment to Arsenal on Wednesday seems unrealistic (unless negotiations have been ongoing for some time, which seems unlikely).

We’ll have to wait and see, but Gazzetta don’t sound as excitable as TuttoMercatoWeb, and there’s every chance Ancelotti might want to take some time off, even if it’s just a few weeks, to recover before making a decision on his future.