Not long ago, we covered an interview in which manager Jorge Jesus claimed to have rejected an offer from Chelsea last summer.

The manager ended up moving to Brazil, where he’s in charge of Flamengo’s super team. They are currently on top of the Brazilian league table and in the Copa Libertadores semifinals.

Now in the past couple of days, Jorge Jesus said Flamengo would make it to the top six in the Premier League. Some journalists have been going against that, with Flávio Prado being one of them.

“Not even in the Championship would they be among the top six. They really wouldn’t be. The game level is different, can’t be compared. Jorge Jesus is a Portuguese coach, not an international coach, he has no market in Europe. There is a market here,” he said (via Coluna do Fla).

“He’s making a spectacular game. I watch every Flamengo game I can, but we’re talking about something different. There would be no chance in Portugal and the Premier League… he must be kidding, he wouldn’t even get in there. They would play the second division and would hardly go up.”

And it turns out that provoking Flamengo fans isn’t something very wise to do. Coluna do Fla wrote an article about Flavio Prado’s quotes today, and to argue against him, they’ve recalled the offer from Chelsea.

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They say the journalist didn’t ‘do the basics’, which was to learn about this offer from the Blues. They even change the story a little bit, saying Jesus has rejected Chelsea so he could sign for Flamengo.

We’ll probably never know if Chelsea’s offer was true or not, but the manager insists it happened.

Everton striker Richarlison is another one who has provoked Jorge Jesus, and is currently being slammed by Flamengo fans on social media.