Insulted for 90 minutes by Juventus fans, at least according to the man himself, José Mourinho, when his Manchester United side emerged victorious at the Allianz Stadium, couldn’t help but give a little back by cupping his hand to his ear and smirking at the crowd.

This “incident”, if you want to call it that, received mixed reviews, and while most just rolled their eyes, perhaps even commented on social media much to the ire of Red Devils fans, some were left absolutely fuming, like El Larguero’s Manu Carreño.

On his radio show, the presenter lost his cool and went on a rather lengthy tirade about the former Real Madrid manager and his antics.

He said: “Mourinho should be kicked out of football, for good. He’s a guy who has no sense of ridicule, who doesn’t have any manners, doesn’t have a sense of shame. What he did today at the end of the Juventus-Manchester United game is difficult to watch. It’s actually uncomfortable to watch.

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“He’s a two-bit thug who needs to be kicked out of football. This kind of guy annoys the world of football. He doesn’t have any class, and, ultimately, doesn’t win. He always has an excuse.”

Uncomfortable to watch? It’s not like he was kicking a puppy… 

To us, it feels like this isn’t just about Wednesday night, and it seems like Manu Carreño had bottled up a lot of frustration about Mourinho in the past and this was just the straw that broke the camel’s back.

We’ve seen some rants over the years at Sport Witness, but this is definitely in our top three.