Manchester United star Bruno Fernandes spoke last night to the Brazilian media following the Red Devils’ 3-2 win over Atalanta for the Champions League.

The midfielder first analysed the game, admitting he didn’t do well in the first half, and praised the team for fighting until the end for a massive comeback.

Interviewed by reporter Fred Caldeira, Fernandes was also asked about the difference of treatment that manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer gets on social media and at Old Trafford, because despite the online criticism, the coach seemed to have huge support at the stadium.

So the Portuguese player talked a lot about the hate that footballers usually take on the internet, claiming they should be more focused on what happens within the squad.

“Social media today, let’s say that’s where people like to express hate more easily.” Bruno Fernandes told TNT Sports.

“It’s easy, behind the keyboard, to express hate, express anger, express many of the things that come to your head even in your daily life, for what you go through. Often because they’re not in our place, and maybe they think that if they were in our place they would give more, they would do more. And I understand this because I believe that many people had the dream of being a player, of being on the big stages. And sometimes it’s hard to watch games and understand or think that players aren’t giving it their all. “

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“But that never happens. I don’t think any player comes to a game thinking they’re not going to give it all, or they don’t want to give it all. We try to give our best, many times things don’t go well. But let’s say that we ourselves players have to turn off social media a bit. Because it’s easy to create hatred there, it’s easy to see negative comments, as it is easy to see positive ones when things are good.”

“Today there will be a lot of positive things, today Bruno made a great pass to Rashford, they will forget about the passes I mentioned in the first half. But on the weekend if I make mistakes, they’ll remember and they’ll forget about this. That’s why we have to think about ourselves, about what happens inside the locker room. What the group is, what we think about within the group, what our union is, what has to be within us.”

Following last night’s win, Manchester United now prepare for a tough sequence. They face Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur in the Premier League, then are back playing Atalanta, this time in Italy, for the Champions League, before returning to Old Trafford for the Manchester Derby.

All of this before the upcoming international break.