In case you didn’t know, Manchester United want a new centre-back because José Mourinho doesn’t seem to believe the current players at his disposal are good enough.

He might have a point, but his continuous public mention of it won’t be helping Ed Woodward in his attempts to get him the man he wants.

Over the past year or so, Kalidou Koulibaly has been an on and off name as a target, but Napoli’s reluctance to sell and the huge competition have been a stumbling block in their endeavours.

That isn’t about to change either, as Il Mattino look at the situation, claiming the Red Devils are ‘always at the window’, but Aurelio de Laurentiis still isn’t prepared to let the Senegalese defender go.

Not even for €100m, which would easily make him the most expensive centre-back of all time.

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Add on top of that Manchester City’s endless pit of money as opponents in the race and it doesn’t look all that great for José Mourinho, and that’s with the Red Devils’ ‘economic availability’ being described as ‘unlimited’.

Maybe there’s a reason why Manchester United are apparently turning their head towards Pablo at Bordeaux in Ligue 1.

Maybe they see him as the cheap version of Koulibaly.

And he’s Brazilian, and we all know how much Mourinho loves having a Brazilian in his side.

Unless he’s called Fred.