Following Monday’s claims that Liverpool were interested in Roma’s Kevin Strootman, we knew Tuesday would be an important day to see if there was actually something to it or not.

Il Messaggero were the ones to start it all, and we joked in the last paragraph that it would be rude of the Italian media not to bring Manchester United into the mix, just for old time’s sake.

Well, the very same Italian newspaper on Tuesday have just made us look like Nostradamus, as they do just that when discussing the Dutch midfielder’s options, as José Mourinho ‘has liked Strootman for some time’.

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They also mention Jürgen Klopp, you know, to follow up on Monday’s claims, but the main chunk here is about Manchester United, stating that without real offers, there’s little chance of the whole thing ‘running aground’, at least in January.

Outside of Il Messaggero, Corriere dello Sport briefly mention his €45m release clause and Liverpool, but it seems to be more out of courtesy to yesterday’s story more than anything else, while Gazzetta dello Sport, and this is the really interesting one, make it clear the Reds ‘aren’t looking for Strootman’.

However, they do continue by saying the Holland international is ‘of interest to many others’.

We wonder who they might be referring to?