This morning, we saw Catalan outlet Sport claiming Manchester United are ‘ready’ to sign Ousmane Dembele from Barcelona this month.

It was said the Red Devils are one of the many cubs who’ve been ‘paying attention’ to the attacker’s situation at the Camp Nou, as his contract with the La Liga side expires in the summer.

It turns out that Barça director Mateu Alemany then came out publicly to say Dembele chose not to continue at the club and suggested him to leave as soon as possible. That obviously made a huge noise in the Spanish media.

Now it was time for Dembele to go out on social media and speak out on the controversy. In a post on Instagram, he showed his discontent with the statement and confirmed that his agent is working on a move.

“For four years, I have only read things said about me without bothering to justify myself,” he started.

“For four years, slander has been frequent. For four years, people have spoken in my place, they lie shamefully with the sole purpose of harming me. For four years, I have chosen never to answer, never to justify myself. Was it a mistake? Certainly. As of today, this is over. From today, I will answer with sincerity and without giving in to any blackmail.”

He then touched upon his potential future: “As you know, there are negotiations. I let my agent take care of it, it is his ground. My field is football, simply playing football, sharing moments of joy with my teammates, with our supporters.”

Regarding his agent, who is said to be in regular contact with Manchester United, he also made it clear in the post that he forbids anyone to speak in his place or in that of his agent, in whom he has ‘full confidence’.

Barcelona have been on a mission this month to get rid of big wages at the club, and Dembele is one of the players whose exit would help them with their financial situation.

Manchester United and other interested sides, however, are claimed to be keen only in signing him for free, as he’ll be leaving the Catalan side in the summer anyway, unless there is a shock renewal, which, after this latest post on social media, looks a long way from taking place.