Over the past two days, we have brought you several updates from Ecuador on Manchester United’s chase of Independiente del Valle star Moisés Caicedo.

StudioFútbol on Wednesday reported the Red Devils have a ‘great interest’ in the midfielder, but ‘nothing is closed’ despite reports elsewhere saying otherwise.

Later that day, journalist Jorge Baravalle explained the deal is held up due to work permit issues, which shouldn’t be too big a hurdle to jump.

Multiple reports in the English press, some citing sources from Ecuador, stated the Old Trafford will acquire the teenager’s services for $6m.

Today’s edition of Diario Expreso discusses what’s been reported in England, and provides insight on what’s happened in the background.

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According to the newspaper, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side have ‘stepped forward’ to sign the midfielder, and ‘all roads for Moisés Caicedo lead to Manchester United’.

They rule out concerns related to Caicedo obtaining a work permit to play in England because they are of the belief he meets the requirements

The deal is still not sealed and Diario Express explains why. It’s claimed the Ecuador international signing a five-year contract and undergoing medical tests with United have ‘delayed the announcement’.

Meanwhile, Independiente del Valle have adapted a ‘strategy’ to deal with these cases. As per the claims, the South American side ‘avoids pronouncing itself or saying that there was an approach’.