Marouane Fellaini


Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher hasn’t been afraid of upsetting current footballers when sharing his views on the game. Loris Karius, Simon Mignolet and a host of other Liverpool players have come under criticism from Carragher.

Even Jurgen Klopp has faced criticism for his tactics and use of Lucas Leiva as a central defender and James Milner as a left back, so it can hardly be said the pundit doesn’t dish it out evenly.

Yet it must be said Carragher seemed to take particular pleasure from weighing in on former Everton and now Manchester United player Marouane Fellaini. In May, Carragher put his name to a whole Daily Mail column of Fellaini criticism, blasting the Belgian’s use of elbows and his all round aggressiveness.

Carragher also repeatedly criticised the Manchester United player on TV and the whole thing didn’t escape the Belgian media. Speaking to Sport/Foot, Fellaini has been asked by the Belgian magazine what he thinks about Carragher’s opinions.

It’s fair to say Fellaini just spat it out: “If I am violent and aggressive, what was Carragher? He is the champion of blah-blah and the world champion of breaking legs. If you type his name into YouTube you’ll only see him tackling.”

It’ll be interesting to see if Fellaini gets the Sky Sports Mafia reaction which was handed out to Loris Karius when the Liverpool goalkeeper dared to answer back.