Real Madrid haven’t really got a a darling this summer. Most years the Spanish club spend the summer in some kind of psychological warfare, wearing a club down to try and force a transfer.

Last year it was David de Gea, and Real Madrid only failed in their quest because of time running out, or Edward Woodward playing a great big trick on the Spanish club.

This time around, there’s no huge transfer quest. Paul Pogba’s name pops up every couple of days, but the Frenchman is thought to be too expensive for even Real Madrid.

Marca’s Thursday front page has the headline ‘Cold, cold’ to explain the temperature of a possible deal. Inside, pages 2 and 3 see a double spread explaining why Pogba probably won’t be arriving at the club.

The Frenchman failed to impress enough at Euro 2016, say Marca, and whilst they like the player, the fee is too high. It’s claimed that Pogba has sent hints towards Madrid that he’d like he’d to sign for the club, but Marca don’t really push this line… if they wanted to there’d be claims of him telephoning Zinedine Zidane and other efforts.

So therefore, Marca push Manchester United interest, with them stating Pogba is the main objective of Jose Mourinho. That puts pressure on Edward Woodward to get a deal done, and he can do so knowing Madrid right now aren’t pushing the idea.

If Woodward can’t agree a deal then Marca say Cesc Fabregas could be an alternative. That’s almost certainly picked up from English press claims, and whilst Marca explain Mourinho has a good relationship with the player, they don’t really elaborate on any concrete interest.

Pogba has told his agent he wants everything sorted out before the end of July, which is a relief, because this has reached saga status already.

Madrid haven’t completely ruled out a move, but Zidane is said to be aware the club won’t reach the figures being mentioned. So unless Juventus slap a discount on, which isn’t going to happen, then this track is ‘Cold, cold’ as Marca themselves state.

Woodward has something of a clear run at Pogba right now, but the two biggest problems remain fee and that the player is content at Juventus. A while ago €100m would have seemed the ceiling, but that’s been pushed up to €120m and at some point too much will really be too much.

Manchester United can get a deal done, dependent on the player’s will and how much they’re prepared to pay, Juventus will hit a weak point at some level. Marca themselves reported this week that Pogba wants to join Manchester United and has agreed personal terms, with Real Madrid seen as a back-up option.