Sporting president Frederico Varandas is in England at this very moment, according to reports from the Portuguese media on Friday afternoon.

TVI24 says the official will not be able to attend a meeting between presidents of all Portuguese clubs, since he’s had to leave the country for other business.

Journalist Rui Pedro Braz links the trip to Bruno Fernandes’ potential transfer to Manchester United, saying the move can be confirmed very soon.

It’s said that club vice president Hugo Viana had already travelled with agent Jorge Mendes, and now it was time for Frederico Varandas to do the same.

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Although TVI24 can’t confirm Varandas is in England to close a sale, Braz says he ‘believes’ the president wouldn’t have made this trip ‘if not to finalise a deal’, and he seems convinced.

To be clear, Braz states Varandas being in England as a fact, and that he travelled today.

In the text accompanying the video it says a move is ‘very close’, and also suggests other players could be involved in a transfer, presumably going from United to Sporting.

After the reports the Portuguese newspapers had about Bruno Fernandes this morning, it’s clear that several sources in Portugal believe the Manchester United move is finally closer.

A Bola are also reporting Varandas has travelled England, according to their own information, and Bruno Fernandes is the reason. They state contacts have been ongoing with Manchester United, although other clubs aren’t ruled out.

Record take it one step further and say Varandas and Viana are ‘currently at Manchester United offices negotiating the transfer of Bruno Fernandes to Old Trafford as early as January’.

O Jogo report the meeting is taking place in London, and that Sporting’s officials are expected back in Lisbon later today.

It’s stated they were invited by the English club.