Things haven’t been very good for Alexis Sanchez at Manchester United, but the treatment he’s getting from the Chilean press is even worse.

On Monday, we covered a story from El Mercurio which talked about the player’s chances to do well in the Champions League. The problem was that one of his former coaches who was interviewed didn’t firmly believe in his recovery.

There are also two columns from La Tercera, and both criticise the Manchester United player. The first of them is from Leonardo Véliz and talks about Sanchez’s absence in the national team.

The columnist questions the star’s commitment to La Roja, since he had no reason not to show up in the last international break.

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The second one is from Juan Cristóbal Guarello, and compares Alexis Sanchez to Leeds United Marcelo Bielsa.

It starts with a letter written by the manager to a writer. In that message, Bielsa was thanking the author for writing a book about him. It’s a very personal text, and the Leeds United boss wishes all the best to Luis Mora Obregón and his family.

What Guarello does is ask why Sanchez hasn’t done the same to Reinaldo Edmundo Marchant, who’s written a book about him called Il Niño Maravilla.

Guarello explains that both writers are not famous, and don’t make fortunes. Therefore, an acknowledgment from Bielsa or Sanchez would be the best they could get.

He makes it clear that Sanchez still has the time to do it, since the book was written last year. But as the player has already taken a picture with it and never contacted the author, a call isn’t much expected.

This shows just how much the Chile press are turning, picking up little things which don’t really mean much. Still, it’s a nice story about Bielsa’s character.