Now that most outlets in the Brazilian media agree that Flamengo reached a deal with Manchester United for the permanent transfer of Andreas Pereira, it seems like a matter of time until it’s made official.

And according to a story from UOL, that could be done today.

A column from André Nunes Rocha says Flamengo should announce on Thursday that they’re signing Pereira on a €10.5m deal, leaving 25% of a future move to the Red Devils.

Now it turns out there’s a little controversy in Brazil about how much the Red and Black side are spending on this transfer, as that makes it their fourth-biggest spending ever.

A couple of pundits from ESPN have been talking about this, and their quotes are today brought by Diário do Fla.

“Andreas is a very good player, he has a future ahead of him. He’s still moving and adapting to Brazilian football. I think it’s a lot of money! And for 75% of the pass, it’s not even the whole pass. Now I don’t discuss the technical quality of the player, he can still evolve and become a great player and Flamengo can profit even more from a sale of the athlete,” said Zinho.

Meanwhile, Osvaldo Pascoal agreed: “I think a lot of money for a defensive midfielder, the amounts paid for Pedro and Gabi I think are valid. I confess it’s a lot of money, I think he only returns to Europe if he becomes a phenomenon. Gerson left and returned to Europe, only he is younger, to profit from Andreas I find it very difficult, the amount scares me a lot.”

Now back to the column from André Nunes Rocha, it’s explained that Flamengo are not only doing this because of Pereira’s potential.

He learned that the marketing was a big factor in the signing, too.

That’s because by buying a Manchester United player, Flamengo reinforce their strength in their market, making ‘Europe look at South America’.

They want to become a ‘world force’, and that was decisive for them to make that investment.