With the seasons in Italy and England now over, deals between the two leagues can start being worked on.

AS Roma and Manchester United had Europa League fixtures to think about, but since the pair are now out after being both dismissed by Sevilla, the Chris Smalling saga can fully kick off again.

What has led to this is the trip taken by the Italian side’s CEO, Guido Fienga, to London, which has rekindled everything.

According to Gazzetta dello Sport, there is now hope the deal ‘can be closed’ with a new ‘paid loan with, this time, a compulsory option to buy’.

Furthermore, Smalling is described as being ‘ready to dig his heels’ to get the move he so desperately wants.

This is echoed by Corriere dello Sport, who explain Fienga told the new owner’s son, Ryan Friedkin, of the priorities on the transfer market.

Top of the list is the signing of Smalling, with the player ‘intent on returning to Roma’, hoping to see if the two clubs can find an agreement.

They state Fienga is hoping to convince Manchester United with the same deal describe by Gazzetta dello Sport above.