Liverpool versus Manchester United was such a let down, despite hopes of a great match being few and far between. There wasn’t even a scuffle or several, a sending off, or any genuinely big talking points.

The almost desperation of Sky, and others, to turn the Romelu Lukaku and Dejan Lovren situation into something was a great example of how little actually happened.

Jose Mourinho set up as he does, and Jurgen Klopp didn’t seem too keen to try and counter that. In reality, it seems both managers were content with the draw, and more than happy to blame the other.

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Perhaps surprisingly, David De Gea has found his way into Gazzetta dello Sport’s European Team of the Week for his performance, which is surely down to his good save being talked up to be a little more than it actually was.

Yes, great instinct stop in the player’s style, even if it did go straight back into the danger area… but even the Spaniard seemed bemused when asked after the match where it ranks among his very best.

Gazzetta dello Sport believe De Gea’s performance against Liverpool is worthy of being named the best in Europe over the weekend, ignoring their own Serie A.

A quiet weekend for goalkeeping.