Even though the Brazilians who play for Manchester United have come from afar, they’re pretty aware of how important the rivalries against Manchester City and Liverpool are.

Midfielder Andreas Pereira has recently claimed that the players feel like ‘sharks smelling blood in the water’ when playing their city rivals.

Now as Fred has spoken to Esporte Interativo, he talked about the Red Devils’ wins against Manchester City this season, and was asked if that’s really their feeling before a derby.

“It’s a regional classic that is very strong, you know. Which is the classic of the city. So really when you have a game against City, you really have blood in your eyes,” Fred told Esporte Interativo.

“Of course, against Liverpool it’s even bigger, you have more blood in your eyes, because there’s the whole history that involves everything, the history of the two teams is huge in world football. But against City it’s also a great game and our city classic. You have to show who rules the city.”

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Fred also answered some questions from Brazilian Manchester United fans, and one of those was if he’d like Paul Pogba to stay at the club for next season.

“Pogba is a great player. The people who are here on a daily basis with him know that. Everyone who watched the World Cup and watched his football knows that he’s a great player. And for sure we want him to stay. Because he will add us a lot. He’s a guy who has an immense quality, he’s a strong player for the Premier League. He knows how to play the Premier League. So I’m sure I want him to stay because I’m sure he will help us a lot.

“We’re in the same position, but the more quality players on the team, the better. You will not build a team with 11 players. You need a strong squad. So I really hope that he stays, and if he stays, I’m sure he will be a very strong reinforcement for us next season.”

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The 27-year-old was quizzed whether he’d like Manchester United to sign more Brazilians, and he has no doubts he’d like more compatriots at the club.

“For sure, man. It would be cool to have more Brazilians on the team. Not much, we don’t need many. I’m kidding. But it’s always good to have Brazilians here to help. Everyone knows the qualities that we Brazilians have, and it’d be very good if some players arrive to fill the squad, to help here.”

Speaking of Brazilians, in a little game they had, Fred was given Ronaldo, Ronaldinho Gaúcho and Cristiano Ronaldo, and was asked to take one of them out.

“Dude, it’s complicated. With numbers, if you stop to see, Cristiano is a phenomenon. Without a doubt, he’s one of the greatest in history. But I stay with the other two Ronaldos. What I saw these guys play was a joke.

“I think Gaucho revolutionised the way of football, football art. And the Fenômeno playing was incredible. He had an incredible resilience. Complicated to talk, but I think I’ll go with the two Ronaldos. The two with whom I started watching football.”