Manchester United defender Marcos Rojo is being accused of breaking the quarantine rules in Argentina.

As reported by La Plata outlet El Dia today, the Red Devils’ loanee is being criticised by his compatriots following a post from his brother on Instagram.

Franco Rojo published a video which shows he and Marcos taking free kick shots against a goalkeeper.

Besides showing at least three people playing, the video’s sound makes it clear there are more guys laughing and cheering with them.

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El Dia points out it’s not clear when the video was recorded, but they show how people have been angry at the brothers for breaking the government’s orders.

There are currently 1,916 active Coronavirus cases in Argentina, where 122 people have died so far. They have a 16% death rate in their closed cases, which is obviously a big concern.

Marcos Rojo is loaned to Estudiantes de La Plata until June, but has already made it clear he’d like Manchester United to let him stay in his home town for at least six more months.