Even though it doesn’t really look like Gareth Bale will be moving to Manchester United this summer, his chances of joining the Red Devils are still mentioned by the Spanish press.

AS has a story this afternoon where they take all the claims from England which say how much Tottenham Hotspur are expected to pay for the move.

Following claims that Spurs would only afford 50% of Bale’s wages, without paying for the loan, AS points out that Manchester United’s offer was ‘much more advantageous’ for Real Madrid.

It’s claimed that the Old Trafford side wanted to pay a fee for the loan, and then be responsible for a bigger part of the winger’s wages.

Unfortunately for both Manchester United and Real Madrid, the player is ‘more comfortable’ with the offer from Tottenham, since London has been his home before.

The offer from Manchester United was revealed by ‘AS sources’, while all the claims regarding Tottenham are coming from the English media.