Marca today have what appears to be a piece of Harry Kane fantasy.

Tucked away on their last page, in a very small column, is claim which goes something like this:

  • Last summer Manchester United offered Kane double the salary he’s on at Tottenham.
  • The England striker knocked it back because he feels loyalty to Mauricio Pochettino and Spurs.
  • Manchester United already regret signing Romelu Lukaku, an awful lot.
  • Therefore they’ve now offered Kane even more money.
  • The Tottenham striker has asked for time to consider it because he wants to know what Pochettino’s plans are.

There’s several problems here.

Kane is widely reported to be earning about £110k a week at Tottenham.

Had Manchester United really wanted to tempt Kane last summer, and go in big as Marca suggest, then they’d have more than doubled it.

But that is largely besides the point, because Kane would always get a monster salary at Manchester United, and he knows that, the big issues are his desire to stay, and Daniel Levy’s reluctance to sell.

It would have made zero difference even if Kane had accepted, he was hardly going to go on strike to force a deal.

Marca want to paint a picture of Kane being so committed to Pochettino that there’s a chance he could follow the manager elsewhere, and they say Dele Alli also feels his future is connected to the Argentine manager.

With Pochettino being the favourite name linked with taking over at Real Madrid, should Zinedine Zidane be edged out, then this could all be groundwork for a future ‘POCH AND KANE TO LEAD REAL MADRID REVOLUTION’ claim.

Or, alternatively, just emphasising what a wonderful manager Pochettino is and how committed his players are to him.

So it’s about Kane but really more about Pochettino, and it’s about Manchester United but really more about Real Madrid.