Here we are, once again, talking about Alexis Sánchez and his future at Old Trafford.

The Chilean forward has been on loan from Manchester United at Inter for the 2019-20 season, and while it didn’t go to plan before the Covid-19 pandemic break, there’s been a bit of a resurgence in his form since the return.

This has led to a few rumours claiming Inter, once feeling they could be done with him once the campaign was over, could be interested in keeping him around next year.

A short loan extension has already been sorted, meaning he is currently attached to the Serie A club until the end of the league, but United have yet to agree to him playing in the Europa League fixtures in August.

That needs to be discussed further, and Inter are ‘considering his position’, but Manchester United ‘aren’t ready to negotiate on the basis of another loan’.

It’s stated by Gazzetta dello Sport that the Red Devils ‘want a definitive transfer’, which leads to the biggest problem of them all: Sánchez’s wages.

The forward currently earns €12m/year post tax at Old Trafford, which is a figure Inter are in absolutely no position to pay if they are to keep him.

That means it could ultimately come down to how badly Sánchez wants to move away from England, and whether he wants to part ways with his considerable wages.