Earlier this year, sources close to Raphael Varane, via both the Spanish and French media, made it clear the defender was thinking of leaving Real Madrid.

He believed he’d come to the end of a cycle, and that a fresh start elsewhere may be the best thing for his career. Perhaps strangely, it was also reported the defender was a little annoyed with his club because they’d not made enough fuss of him after winning the World Cup, in comparison to how Atletico Madrid treated their players.

Inevitably, Manchester United were one of the clubs linked with Varane. They’ve been keen on him for some years, dating back to before he moved to Spanish football.

Wednesday’s L’Equipe reports the Premier League club were one of ‘several’ to express their interest in a potential transfer.

Manchester United ‘moved closer’ to the player’s entourage to find out his ‘precise’ will, which sounds very much like they wanted to know if he really fancied a transfer or was just after more love and/or money at Real Madrid.

Varane has now decided to stay.

The French newspaper don’t mention any other effort from the English side, so they likely moved on quickly without getting themselves in too deep.

Maybe Ed Woodward is learning?