Normally a nightmare for club managers, the international break is a time when they just have to watch from afar as their players put themselves in a completely environment to what they’re normally used to, with different training demands.

This, as well as the extra matches, can lead to injuries, and since national team managers need results quick and fast, they can sometimes ask footballers to do a lot, maybe too much.

Not Belgium, however, who are taking extra care of Marouane Fellaini, despite the Manchester United midfielder not being injured.

According to Le Soir, the Belgium international was absent from Tuesday’s training session, doing some indoor work instead as Roberto Martinez and co. are tentative about his knee, which caused him to miss 31 games for the Old Trafford side last season.

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That will be music to José Mourinho’s ears, who can’t exactly afford to lose one of his most valuable assets when needing to turn things around mid game at a time when his job appears to be under a lot of pressure.