La Nazione, the Italian newspaper who are local to Fiorentina, have a big article in their Saturday edition saying Manchester United have made a €60m offer for Nikola Milenkovic.

That offer has been submitted in the past couple of days.

It’s reported that after Jose Mourinho watched Serbia against Montenegro on Thursday, he was ‘so convinced’ of the need to sign the defender that he told Manchester United executives to move immediately as soon as he returned to England.

As far as La Nazione are concerned, that’s what happened. Wanting a January transfer, Manchester United contacted the player’s agent, and once they got the go-ahead from him, they moved straight to speaking to executives at Fiorentina.

The agent, ‘obviously backed by the Premier League club’ say La Nazione, put a €60m offer on the table for Milenkovic to move in January.

La Viola immediately said ‘no thanks’, and the report said that could either be because they’re completely set against selling anyone in January, or that they feel they could get more than €60m in the summer.

Manchester United are described as ‘ready to return’ with ‘more convincing arguments’.

Nikola Milenkovic is a 21 year old right-footed central defender, with a contract in Florence until June 2022.