It was bound to come back at some point, but Manchester United are apparently interested in Paulo Dybala once more.

The Argentine forward endured a rather disappointing season last year under Max Allegri, perhaps suffering the most out of everyone from Cristiano Ronaldo’s transfer to the Allianz Stadium.

This led to him being seen as expendable by certain members of the media, with a profit possibly to be made by the Serie A champions.

That’s why the rumours started flying, and with few clubs in the world capable of affording him, Manchester United were inevitably mentioned.

There was a brief spell when it was quite a big story, only for it to disappear relatively quickly when everyone realised no movement was taking place.

However, Gazzetta dello Sport bring it back, reporting the Red Devils have ‘made contact’ with Juventus.

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There’s even mention of a possible tête-à-tête taking place between the two sides, after which the possibility of a concrete offer will be evaluated.

For now, Gazzetta state the ‘track is open’ for something to take place.

There’s is one massive hurdle, however, and that’s the fact Paulo Dybala, at least for now, wants to stay at Juventus.

That’s because Maurizio Sarri is now at the helm, and with the former Chelsea manager is thinking about using the Argentine as a false nine, there’s certainly more chance for him than there was last year.

Furthermore, down Manchester United’s end, this all depends on whether Inter ever find the funds to sign Romelu Lukaku, which is by no means a guarantee.

This seems like a lot of effort, and we all know how the Red Devils tend to fare when they have big hurdles to overcome during the transfer period.

The answer, if you were wondering, is not very well.