Former Manchester United goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel has given a nice and long interview to Brazilian website UOL this week.

The 54-year-old spoke a lot about goalkeeping technique, Brazilian players, his son’s career and, especially, the Manchester derby.

The interview was made right after Manchester City’s 2-1 at Old Trafford, so Schmeichel still had a lot to say about the disappointing result for Manchester United.

“I was at Old Trafford and, as a passionate supporter of United since forever, it was cruel,” Schmeichel told Caio Carrieri from UOL. “Our performance was disappointing, there was no way to add points with the way we played, which is the saddest thing.”

Asked about the Manchester City goalkeeper Ederson, Schmeichel said: “We didn’t put pressure on him in any moment. The game was at Old Trafford and so the statistics should show 15 saves from him. But I have to admit he made two incredible saves in the end. I was stunned with the play, it was fantastic. It could have been 2-2, which would be a giant profit for us.”

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Schmeichel was also quizzed about his relationship with Sir Alex Ferguson. Besides praising his former boss, the Great Dane also claimed that things would have been different on Sunday if Ferguson was still Manchester United’s manager.

“Absolutely fantastic. Without him, I think most of the players of my time, myself included, would be normal. And the main point is that he liked and wanted to have strong personalities in the squad. In Ferguson’s time it wouldn’t have happened in Sunday’s derby, with City players wasting time, and United’s just watching.

“If it was in my day, everyone would be around the referee for the behaviour of each one. And Ferguson dealt with the great egos as no one else, because he knew that it was these guys who would make the difference in the decisive moments. That’s why Eric Cantona, after going through several clubs without much success, has become the best player in the history of Manchester United.”

The ex-goalkeeper still had more to say on the Frenchman: “He is a great friend and we have always been very close. We were roommates when he arrived at United. He is a normal guy who was in the football world, which he liked to be part of, but if he could, he would do something else, like dedicating himself to cultural activities, to the theatre. He’s fun, very knowledgeable, and people see it as something different. What mattered was our job, and if we needed a goal, only one chance, he would create for us. He’s the best and most efficient player I ever played with.”

And finally, Schmeichel claimed that football isn’t exactly the favourite subject in the conversations between him and Kasper.

“We talk about the goalkeeper position, but the frequency of the fotball subject is small. He knows that he can ask for any help or advice about it and that I will always be willing to help him, but it will not start with me. And perhaps this absence of football in our conversations has made us better friends. That’s why, when I’m invited to comment on TV shows and they ask me about his performances, I simply ignore and change the subject.”