Manchester United midfielder Fred had a word with the Brazilian media following the Red Devils’ 4-2 win over Leeds United at the weekend, in which he scored.

Speaking to ESPN Brasil reporter João Castelo Branco, the 28-year-old was quizzed about the recent news regarding the team’s dressing room, which is said to be divided between two groups.

Fred labelled the reports as ‘fake news’, claiming those who were at the Elland Road could see that the squad is walking together towards their objectives.

“Being one of the biggest clubs in the world, they will want to say a lot of things,” Fred told ESPN Brasil.

“Unfortunately it’s normal. Even more so nowadays, anyone can access social networks and say anything there. So it turns out that a lot of fake news circulates. But we in there are calm about it. We know what really happens inside our locker room. You saw here today, we are very united. All seeking the same goal, which is to win the games. And we have to let things go and focus together and play as a team.”

On the dissatisfaction from Manchester United fans regarding Ralf Rangnick’s work, Fred was asked about how it feels to be working under a manager who took charge in the middle of the season and should leave the position in a couple of months.

“We’re evolving, we’re working. Rangnick is a great coach. It’s also difficult to change coaches there in the middle of the season. But we are fitting in, we are working to understand his work. We’re already much better at this.

“And we’re trying to get the win every game. So this is important to us. Today was a great victory, Wednesday we have a big game and we have to stay focused. And as I said, it’s keeping your head on straight, step by step, that we’re going to finish the season in our best possible place.”

The big game Fred refers to is the Champions League clash against Atletico Madrid, as Manchester United are on their way to Spain to play the first leg of the round-of-16.