The media in Rosario continues to be pretty excited with Manchester United’s interest in the Newell’s Old Boys’ youngster Luciano Cingolani.

Actually, there’s quite a big reason why the case is getting all this attention. The Argentine club has been speaking about it openly, so all the local outlets are jumping on the story.

Now there’s been an interesting report from Vía Rosario over the weekend, which really takes things to a new level.

They claimed Manchester United interest isn’t just talk, since a bid from the Red Devils was expected ‘in the next few hours’. As rumour hardened football fans will be aware, ‘next few hours’, ‘coming hours’, and ‘imminently’ are never to be taken literally when part of a transfer story, but rather bracketed as ‘sometime soon’.

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But Via Rosario doesn’t make it clear if that’s their own information, or if it comes from the several reports that have been out over the weekend. Since we translated the last story, many other outlets picked it up, making things look a lot bigger, as usual.

Other Argentine outlets have kept the silence over the weekend, meaning that such a bid probably hasn’t been made yet. Meanwhile, the 16-year-old is likely living the biggest suspense of his life.