If there’s one position Manchester United desperately need to address these days, it’s that of a director of football.

The club has yet to conform to the new way of doing things in this day and age, relying on Ed Woodward (and now Matt Judge) to get transfers done when that isn’t their speciality.

We all know how that has turned out, which is why they need someone with some football acumen and prior experience in the role to join the club, which is where Antero Henrique comes in.

Already linked a while back and said to be in advanced negotiations by the French media, the news has finally reached England, with a couple of outlets now reporting the news, but it’s still in France that most of the details first emerge.

That will be due to Henrique’s past at Paris Saint-Germain, and Soccer Link had some more details about what has been going on between Manchester United and the Portuguese.

They had an article on the matter last week, stating the former Porto man played the role of the ‘broker’ between Sporting CP, Bruno Fernandes and Manchester United, ‘with whom he is currently in talks to become their director of football’.

It’s said the deal was initiated by Henrique, and they add on Tuesday via their social media account he ‘knows the mission the United board are asking, which is to rebuild a team capable of winning the Premier League all while selling Pogba for a strong price this summer’.

They also reveal ‘the Portuguese has already called upon the services of his network to analyse the feasibility of deals this summer’.

All very interesting, and we’ll have to see what comes of it in the coming weeks or months, but if Henrique really is already working behind the scenes for Manchester United, then it might only be a matter of time.