Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve been seeing reports from Brazil claiming the City Group have been in talks with Bahia regarding a potential takeover.

The news is taken with big excitement in the South American country, as most clubs would love being Manchester City’s partners in the future.

Now it turns out that, according to journalist Jorge Nicola, Bahia aren’t the first to be contacted by the City Group. In fact, they’re said to be one of ‘at least’ 10 clubs in that list.

It’s explained that following the decision to buy a Brazilian club, the Man City’s owners started by looking of small clubs from the State of São Paulo.

They began with Oeste, with a €6m bid, which was turned down. So they also spoke to Ferroviária, Botafogo-SP and Novo Horizontino.

Those talks did not advance, and according to Nicola, the City Group changed their plans, now moving to bigger clubs from outside of São Paulo.

So they contacted América-MG, Athletico Paranaense, Botafogo and Cruzeiro. The latter two were already purchased by foreign inverstors now.

So the club who the City Group ‘talked most’ with was Bahia, even though there’s no info on ‘official bids’ for the Tricolor.

Recent reports claims the negotiations are on, even though it’s officially denied by the Salvador side.