Few clubs these days are as attractive as Barcelona, what with Lionel Messi still at the club and whatnot, but if there is one out there that can compete with it on a purely football and financial level, it’s probably Manchester City.

Already a glamorous side prior to Pep Guardiola’s arrival, the Spaniard has taken the Cityzens to a new level, to the point where most players would probably prefer to play for the blue side of the city than the red.

That’s why, when L’Equipe explained Manchester City were still interested in Adrien Rabiot, it feels like they’ve got a chance of signing him.

The article comes following the announcement the Frenchman wouldn’t be renewing his contract with Paris Saint-Germain, allowing him to leave on a free in the summer, something the Ligue 1 champions would preferably like to avoid.

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After all, doing so would make them lose out on money they could get in January for him, and there’s a belief a fee of €30m could be extracted from the purchasing party.

Rabiot’s preference is said to be Barcelona, and he would also ideally like to leave come the end of the campaign rather than midway through it, but if there’s one team who might be able to sway him, it’s surely Manchester City.

In the end, it will all most likely depend on how the player views the Premier League (that isn’t mentioned) and what clubs promise him both financially and role wise.

Would he walk into that City team? He’s good, but…