It has apparently been a media week for the Manchester City midfielder Bernardo Silva. Besides having spoken to Revista Sábado, his home country press, the Portuguese star has also given an interview to the Brazilian ESPN.

Speaking to reporter João Castelo Branco, Bernardo Silva had a story on TV saying how much of an important player he’s become for Pep Guardiola’s side through the season.

And one of the first questions was exactly about the Spanish boss. After Guardiola’s success at Barcelona and Bayern Munich, Silva was asked about the people who doubtedthe manager would do well in England: “I think that people who understand football realise that this kind of football works anywhere in the world.

“So it would be a matter of time. The philosophy is a football of pressing, of having the ball, of controlling the game, an offensive football. So it’s a pleasure to be part of this team. A team that wins games and doesn’t look back, continue to win, win and win.”

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The player was also asked if being a Manchester City star allows him to live a normal life in the city: “I try my best. So, for example, here in Manchester I live in the centre. And almost every day I go out, I go for a walk. In Lisbon too. Easy.

“Obviously sometimes people recognise you, look, ask for a photograph. But I try my best to make my life, because I like doing it, I try to be a normal person, because I don’t like being closed at home doing nothing.”

Finally, Bernardo Silva talked about the expectations to play his first World Cup for Portugal. Since he missed the Euro winning campaign due to an injury, this is the first major trophy he will dispute for his country: “Of course yes. I am very motivated, because it will be my first great competition for Portugal, I hope, if I’m in good physical condition. And we will do our best.

“We know that the World Cup is a very difficult competition, which has teams like Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Germany, France, which are very strong, and favourites. But let’s try anything.”