Nothing is going right for Alexis Sanchez these days, not even international football.

The Chile forward appears to be very frustrated at Arsenal’s situation, with claims he might not renew his contract, and Thursday night’s loss to Argentina in a World Cup qualifier did little to cheer him up.

Furthermore, he might now be in Claudio Bravo’s bad books, after Sanchez appeared to ignore some instructions passed on by his captain regarding who should take a dangerous free-kick late in the second half.

According to La Tercera, the Manchester City goalkeeper ran to the halfway line to talk to Gary Medel to tell him he felt Charles Aranguiz should take the free-kick instead of Alexis Sanchez.

However, the Arsenal forward took it upon himself to try and equalise, only to see his free-kick fly way over the bar of Sergio Romero’s goal, with Sanchez instantly swearing and pulling his shirt over his head.

As for Claudio Bravo, the Manchester City man was allegedly heard screaming a bunch of swear words at the night’s sky, getting rid of the frustration of seeing his teammate ignore his suggestion and waste what turned out to be one of the last great chances for Chile to salvage a point.

Whether Pep Guardiola’s summer signing and the Arsenal man exchanged heated words after the game is yet to be revealed, but we doubt he will have have congratulated him for spurning such a good goalscoring opportunity.