Manchester City are still to announce the deal for Diego Rosa, but the Brazilian media hasn’t lost any confidence that the move is happening.

UOL has a piece today saying there are only bureaucratic details to be sorted before the move is made official by the clubs.

Grêmio could make up to €22.5m with the sale. But the biggest part of this amount depends on transfer bonuses, since Manchester City are only paying €5m at first.

What impressed UOL is the amount of clauses which could trigger those bonuses. There are 14 in the contract, way more than when Grêmio sold Arthur to Barcelona.

The report says some of these clauses are about the player making his debut in the Premier League, individual prizes and titles with the club.

Diego Rosa’s transfer to Manchester City had already been confirmed by Grêmio manager Renato Gaúcho last week.

The 17-year-old hadn’t even made his first appearance for the Brazilian side, but the sale is seen by the board as a good market opportunity.