Portuguese newspaper Correio da Manhã today writes about the imminent exit of Matheus Nunes from Sporting.

The outlet claims it’s Manchester City who lead the race for the player, with the Premier League side only waiting for the end of the Liga Bwin season to ‘advance’ with €40m for his transfer.

It’s said Nunes has ‘already convinced’ Pep Guardiola and now believes the game against Santa Clara at the weekend will indeed be his last for the Lions.

The newspaper mentions the good relationship between the clubs, pointing out that the big demands made by Sporting are no problem for Manchester City, who’d have the ‘preference’ for a deal worth €40m.

According to Correio da Manhã, Sporting are actually quite interested in the transfer, as they could get something from it as well.

It’s said the Lions’ idea is to do something similar to their deal with PSG for the sale of Nuno Mendes, when they included the loan of Pablo Sarabia in the agreement.

So by selling Nunes to Manchester City, Sporting believe they could receive a player ‘from the first line’, with the report mentioning Pep Guardiola’s quotes where the coach said he has 250 footballers on loan.