If you think of the Brazilian national team in the past five years, there are two special games you’ll probably recall. The 7-1 defeat to Germany at the 2014 World Cup, and the 2-1 loss to Belgium a few months ago.

Only two players started both games, and they were Marcelo and Fernandinho. And even though Brazilians have huge patience with the Real Madrid fullback, it’s not the same case with the Manchester City midfielder.

Fernandinho was much criticised after both performances, especially for the one against Belgium, when he scored a decisive own goal which opened the scoring.

Still, it was a surprise that this Monday, speaking to ESPN Brasil, the player has revealed that he may not return to the national team, regardless of Tite’s wish to bring him back.

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“If tomorrow or later the opportunity comes, we’ll see, will analyse right. I believe that in my time in the national team I tried to serve the best possible way,” Fernandinho told ESPN Brasil. “I always gave the best of me, 100% in training and games. Unfortunately the results did not come, head up, we go on. We will see. But the Brazilian team is very well served by its players.

“I know what goes through my mind, everything is well defined. But it’s like I said, let’s see what the future holds, awaits us. The important thing is that I keep working here, doing my best. And trying to keep the high level that I’ve been playing for my club.”

Although it’s common for European players to retire from international football at some point of their career, this is not something that happens in Brazil, where players are happy to be called up until their last days as a footballer. That’s a reason why Fernandinho will probably be criticised once again.